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The TAP "FAM" Trips

FAM Trips Disappointing You?

It’s Time to Try a TAP Trip Instead!


A TAP Trip is an all-inclusive, all-access experience for travel pros where you get more time, more access, more freedom (and privacy), and more culture. 

Along with…

Literally everything you could possibly need to market and sell a top-notch Bucket List experience you’re actually proud of!

Are you ready to experience what a FAM should be?

I know what travel agents go through because I am one.

You get a short lead time to book a rushed trip. But you make it work anyway because you really want to go and hope your clients will too.


You get to see the destination, sure. But it’s so short you don’t get to experience the destination.


In the end, you can’t help but miss the free time you didn’t get, to network freely, and explore off-resort to get a real feel for the culture. 


You leave wishing you’d gotten to know your suppliers and destination experts a little better, and developed real relationships with them.


And when it’s all said and done, you leave wondering if you had an experience you’re actually excited to sell to other people, or if they’re going to feel as underwhelmed as you did in the end.


Because let’s be real. If you didn’t have a bucket list experience, you’re not going to feel good about promoting it as one.


It’s a lose-lose for you and your clients. And it never should’ve been that way.


But you KNOW that if you could have a worthwhile experience you’d be proud to showcase and brag about… 


And get everything you need to promote it to boot…


Everything would click into place for you & your travel business. 




THAT’S why I made TAP trips. 


Because I’ve been listening, watching, and with you on the journey. 


And the way I see it?


Trying to turn a lackluster FAM into a Dream Experience for your clients is an uphill battle none of us should have to fight.


So how about we actually live the dream, and invite our clients to join us, instead?


That was the goal when we started, right?


It’s time to get back to it.

Here’s The Breakdown

The TAP Trips are the complete experience we wished we got with regular FAM Trips. 

Including (but not limited to):

True Bucket List Destinations, Resorts & Properties: 

I’m not just talking to the community. I’m constantly listening out for what you really want and need. This includes major bucket list destinations like Thailand, Peru, Cuba and more! And, since I know what it’s like to go on a trip and stay at a property you definitely don’t want to sell to anyone else, TAP resorts and venues will be fully vetted ahead of time by us. Experienced travel agents who know how not to FAM.

You’ll get your own room, at a beautiful location worth bragging about, guaranteed. 

Plenty of Lead Time: 

A lot of agents are full-time, and a lot of others are still swinging the 9-5.  ALL of us are busy either way! So TAP trips are announced early to give you the time to book, plan time off, get the kids set up, etc. No more rushing it. 

Premium TAP Itinerary: 

The TAP itinerary starts before the trip and ends after the trip is over with our 8-week plan!

Much like traditional FAM trips, TAP trips have a dedicated meeting schedule to make sure you get everything you need to explore, experience, and promote the destination. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Goal Setting tailored to your niche and audience 

  • Marketing Plan covering everything from buyer’s persona, content distribution, and more 

  • Niche Breakdowns to make sure you’re set up to use the TAP the way YOU need to for your business

  • Partner Meeting so you can build relationships with media partners like photographers, videographers, and strategists that are going to be on the trip specifically for you

  • Promotional Content Vault (post trip) to make sure you get access to all of the videos, photos, and content you need to promote the trip

  • And more…

But that’s not all…


The trip itself is roughly a week-long, so you get plenty of time to be guided through:


  • the best sights to see

  • locations to eat

  • and options for play and relaxation 


…so you know exactly what to point your clients to. 


Of course you’ll have opportunities to meet & greet your niche suppliers and destination experts as well. 


But to be clear, this is expected. What you’re about to read, is where it gets good (and unexpected)…


Extra Free Time to Experience the Culture and Community: 


TAP trips aren’t just about getting a rushed idea of the resort, hot spots, suppliers, and destination experts before hopping back on the plane. 

They’re about getting a chance to live the experience you’re about to sell, so you can KNOW what you’re talking about and sell it better!

This means with YOUR trip, you get plenty of free time to roam, experience the culture, and connect with the community freely so you can build those niche-specific relationships along the way.


It means things like:


  • If you’re an introvert with an introverted market segment, you get to tell them from your first-hand experience how it feels to be alone and observe and “get away” at the destination. 

  • And vice versa if you’re more extroverted, how it feels to connect with the community and eat with the people at the destination. 

  • If you know your clients are going to want to roam off-resort, you’ll have an opportunity to do so and inform them of what to expect 

  • If you want to catch some 1-on-1 time with suppliers & destination experts after the quick meet & greets, you get to do that too!


This is an experience the average FAM doesn’t make time for. But I know how much of a difference it would make for us to be able to really experience and speak to these things we know our audience is looking for.



Small, Intimate Groups: 


These trips are small on purpose, with no more than 10 agents per group. 


This is to create a more intimate setting, with less chaos and chatter. A better ability to really connect with each other, get more time with suppliers, partners, and destination experts. And to be able to relax through the trip in general without feeling crowded, but also without feeling alone at the same time. 


Even just with what’s above, you’re in for an incredible trip, but there’s more…


Listen, at the end of the day you didn’t get into this to be a marketing expert, photographer/videographer, content creator, etc. all at once.


You got into this to connect with others and yourself, through travel. 


To make your clients’ travel dreams come true, and grow a successful, profitable business in the process. 


WE’RE in this to help you market and grow. So we’re going to include some of that, too! 


Secure Your ROI With The TAP Marketing Package (Included as a Bonus)



We will have a media team consisting of any combination of these professionals attending joining: 




Marketing Expert/Content Specialist. 

Sales Guru

it's like a destination-specific intensive or accelerated program to maximum progress of learning in minimal time


You get loads of bonus material to support your ability to make a quick and easy ROI on the TAP trip.


A Complete Marketing Plan: 

A destination-specific marketing plan so you get to sell the destination right away! And you get this before you even take your trip (when you see how well it works you are going to be HYPED to go).


Access to a Media Team: 

Worried about photos and video? Don’t. Someone will be recording and photographing on-site. 


A marketing strategist that doesn’t know travel & destination culture? And bloggers and content specialists writing about South Africa, but have no idea how to describe Cape Malay Curry so they themselves have no choice but to Google it from another blogger who also doesn’t actually know?


No more. We’re done!


Your marketing campaign is about to be drip-ping with the vibe of first-hand experience and the authentic joy you and your media team had on the trip!


On each trip, you’ll get access to any combination of other marketing, media, and sales pros who really do get it because they were there with you. To make sure you leave not just with the experience of a lifetime you’re proud to sell, but the media to actually sell it.


*Team will be largely determined by demand + availability. But we do plan to have a photographer & videographer on each trip at a minimum.



So look, I have one question for you…


Are you finally ready to sell an EXPERIENCE instead of a destination?

Because we are ready to have you! 


How it Works


Step 1: You click that button and hop on a call with us. We’ll walk you through all the details, help you select your trip options, answer any questions you have, and make triple sure you’re signing up for an experience you want to have. Not just one we want to sell you (there will be plenty of others)!


Step 2: Lock in one of the extremely limited spots and schedule that time off! (Remember, you get plenty of lead time to book just make sure you book your call and decide early) 


Step 3: We’ll set you up with our weekly strategy, sales, and marketing calls with your experts. These calls start the 6-8 weeks before the trip, so you can start gearing up! 


Step 4: Once you get there, you’ll get your experience and your media to boot. And you can start marketing and get your ROI before you even get back! 


Have any questions?



Upcoming Trips!

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