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about THE SHOW

The Travel Agent Podcast is for aspiring travel agents and Travel Professionals at every stage in their travel business. The host, A. Lynn Blanco, interviews travel experts and industry leaders, taking a deep dive into the guest’s background, and business extracting the keys to their success. She also interviews guests that offer solutions to overcoming Travel Professional's biggest challenges.


The Travel Agent Podcast also helps travelers understand the value of hiring a Travel Professional. We look to inspire, encourage, and engage with the community of travel lovers to learn, share and build together.

The Travel Agent Podcast was created to help other Travel Professionals avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that I ran into on my journey to success.



The Travel Agent Podcast provides resources, tools, and tips that empower Travel Professionals to be able to articulate their value, create transformational travel experiences and build thriving travel businesses.  

About the Host
A. Lynn Blanco
Travel & Lifestyle Strategist 

About the Host

A. Lynn Blanco has had a love for travel since her first trip to Philly for a vocal competition as a teenager. She fell deeper in love with travel in her 20’s, as she began to explore different countries. She has always been the go-to person for vacation planning for friends and family due to her travel experience. After blogging about the epic 26-day family vacation to Asia, more friends and family began to ask her for travel advice and she realized that she had a valuable skill set that she could use to positively impact people's lives doing something that she loves and is passionate about. And with that, Blanco Travels was born!

Blanco Travels, like many new small businesses, had its struggles. I watched all the Youtubes, rebranded my websites multiple times, and tried to book every person who asked about a vacation. I wasn’t the overnight success I assumed I’d be and realized I needed help. I decided to seek out successful Travel Professionals and hear their stories to find where I was going wrong. I wasn’t sure at first how to make that happen, but the universe brought the idea of podcasting.

When I started my podcast, I had no idea what I was doing. I took to the internet to see how I could pull this off. I again read all the articles, watched all the YouTube, and tried implementing ALL the different strategies at once. I was somehow able to produce my podcast in 3 days, but it was 3 whole days.


As you could imagine, I was mostly flying blind and making a ton of mistakes. Everything was trial and error and a lot of lost time. I finally came up with a system and schedule that worked. I want to share that system with you to help you avoid all the mistakes I made. 


Podcasting has brought so much joy to my life. As the host of The Travel Agent Podcast, I am proud to say that we take a deep dive into the life of travel professionals extracting the keys to a successful travel business. This podcast has lead to so many amazing experiences and friendships. It’s been an opportunity to learn from professionals who are doing amazing things in the industry, promote collaboration over competition among travel professionals, and educate travelers on the tremendous value travel agents provide.

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