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Stephen Scott

Stephen Scott is the CEO of Travel Hub 365 & the Odyssey Travel App which is a Chicago, Illinois-based tech-enabled premium travel platform that aims to democratize access to luxury hotels, car rental, and other travel services directly from the provider to the user. The company has been in the travel agency business for several years and is now layering in a tech component to streamline the booking experience as well as open distribution channels for these luxury services that have previously been opaque and limited. A native of Chicago, Stephen grew up in the travel industry as his parents owned and operated a travel agency for 7 years. After studying Sales and Marketing at DeVry University, Stephen began his career in Corporate Sales at United Airlines in 2004. His accomplishments working with United’s high profile corporate and TMC accounts led him to the cruise industry in 2009 with an opportunity in Miami & NYC for Royal Caribbean International that spanned 5 years, wherein 2015, he earned the Chairman’s Award for top sales performance.

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