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Richard Morris

Richard Morris, along with his wife, Kristin Morris, have owned a Cruise Planners franchise since 2014. Located in Gilbert, AZ their agency is a traditional storefront model instead of the home-based model that is prevalent with many travel agencies today, including most Cruise Planners agents.

They have three adult children and travel 3-4 times per year, typically to new destinations that they want to offer to their clients in the future. The two have been married for 30 years this year and enjoy working daily together.

Richard and Kristin have taken their many years of direct to consumer experience and built a fast growing travel agency on the belief that everyone who travels with the purpose of exploring the world becomes a happier more interesting person. They want to help people be happier in their life and travel is a big part of their mission. Their hashtag is #GetToABetterPlace

Learn More About Richard:

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