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Margie Jordan

Margie started her career in the travel industry in 2005 by creating a thriving boutique luxury travel business in Florida that caters to the needs of an exclusive clientele. Social media was her tool of choice to grow and expand the business and share her travel adventures around the world. It wasn't long after, that she took to the stage as a featured industry speaker at travel conferences around the world, sharing her business knowledge with other travel agency owners.

With a passion for the travel industry, Margie is now Vice President of the TRUE Global Network. In this current role, she oversees the management of the network, member education, events, and helps build strategic partnerships. She frequently mentors those looking to enter the industry or open a new travel agency.

You'll also find Margie live on-air in Jacksonville, FL as a trusted industry expert by local news stations bringing clarity to consumers on issues that may affect their travel plans. She has been featured and mentioned in many online and print publications, including Travel Weekly, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Reuters, and others.

She is an Advisory Board member with Travel Unity, a nonprofit focused on increasing diversity in the world of travel through individual and community empowerment. Margie also sits on the Black Travel Advisory Board with Northstar Travel Media as she works to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the travel industry.

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