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Bailie White

Bailie White is a Nashville, TN. native who got her start in the travel industry fresh out of college. She graduated Western Kentucky University in 2016, moved back to Nashville, and soon got her first job as an assistant to a Travel Advisor, which is when she got her first taste of the travel industry -- and quickly fell in love with it. In 2018, Bailie founded BE The Travel, an independent affiliate of Departure Lounge. Bailie loves getting to know her clients and everything they want travel to "BE" in their lives (hence the name, BE The Travel). Whether they want to BE Adventurous, BE Romantic, BE Pampered, or BE Celebrated, Bailie and her team are there to bring their clients dream travel BE's to life. Bailie has a passion for entrepreneurship, and thoroughly enjoys the challenges that come with business ownership in the travel industry. Bailie is married and together she and her husband have two fur children, Nala and Sammy! 

Learn More About Bailie:

Instagram: @BeTheTravelGram

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