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Thomas Carpenter


Thomas Carpenter, VTA is the co-owner and co-founder of Huckleberry Travel, which won Uniglobe Travel Center's "Rookie of the Year" Award in 2018 for Best New Travel Agency. His agency is affiliated with Uniglobe Travel Center, and Ensemble Travel Group, and he currently served on UTC's advisory board. He has been interviewed frequently by industry trade publications, including Skift and TravelPulse, on topics ranging from the risks associated with booking short-term vacation rentals to the implementation of RealID requirements. In addition to his work as a travel advisor specializing in authentic, destination-focused and sustainable travel, he is also an attorney who counsels small business clients in the travel and tourism industries.

Travel business:  

Facebook: /huckleberrytravelInstagram /

LinkedIn: /huckleberrytravelLinkedIn: /company/huckleberrytravel

Twitter: /HBerryTravelFor

Law practice, there's just a website:

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