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Nathalie Grolimund

A native of Geneva, Seoul, and Los Angeles, I was exposed to the international community from a young age. This inspired me to pursue an international career, working in hubs like Berlin, Paris, New York and Singapore. I've been around the world, working on beautiful publications for leading publishers of coffee-table books. In 2012, I founded NG.MEDIA, where I have since consulted for accounts within luxury hotels where I have been responsible for corporate/lifestyle magazines, branding, photo/video shootings and creative direction. Since 2015, I shifted to a very conscious lifestyle within my personal life and gradually with work. I, therefore, decided to only focus on responsible publishing and sustainable consulting. After visiting and working with over 500 high-end hotels in the past 15 years, and linking this to my conscious lifestyle, I launched a platform called RETHINK.TRAVEL that aims to empower like-minded travelers and hoteliers to make conscious decisions. My Goal is to educate people on sustainability within the travel industry through the best eco hotels in the world.

Instagram: @rethink.travel_


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