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Minerva “Minnie” Padilla

Minerva “Minnie” Padilla grew up in San Diego, California in a very traditional Mexican-American Family. While living in San Diego, she went to school in Tijuana because her mother was big on "traditional" education. Minnie went to an all-girl high school, but wasn't sure what she wanted to study afterward. Luckily, travel changed the trajectory of her life. After spending a semester in Paris, she moved back to San Diego, then San Francisco, then New York City, then back to home base. After trying her hand in a few different industries, Minnie realized that travel had been the most consistent joy in her life. She decided she wanted to share that joy with others.

Now, Minnie has been in the industry for 5 years, and she's been an independent consultant for two years. Minnie's travel specialty is the honeymoon, which she calls (and her clients agree) the best part of the wedding!

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