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Jennifer Jacob


Jennifer is the detailed planner, travel enthusiast, and proud founder of Explorateur Travel. Jennifer first launched Explorateur Travel through a trip where she volunteered to sew curtains in exchange for stay at an 18th century farmhouse nestled in the olive groves of Italy. From sharing her abroad experiences online, she realized that many travelers were craving itineraries with more local flair. By combining a consultative approach, the ability to assist with granular in-destination details, and a technology driven itinerary platform, Explorateur Travel is a modernized approach to travel planning assistance. Jennifer loves to experience the gastronomy of different places, take pictures, and most of all, meet people who help her learn about the world! You'll typically find Jennifer with a glass of red wine (or Champagne) in her hand and brain-storming up her next trip.

Learn more about Jennifer:

Insta: @explorateurtravel

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