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Geoff Millar

Geoff’s career, surprisingly, started in the highly competitive computer software field. He spent 25 years in top level Sales & Marketing Management with 3 large computer software firms as well as co-owner of a number of successful entrepreneurial businesses.Geoff brings his business and customer service background to Ultimate All-Inclusive Travel. He has been directly involved in the Travel Industry for over 15 years in both a Management and Travel Consultant role.

Geoff has also traveled extensively both domestically and abroad and shares a passion with Sharon for both Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. He also is a firm believer that Customer Service and Product Knowledge are the main components of a top Travel Consultant. Geoff has been a speaker at a variety of travel agent events and conferences. He and his wife's agency has been the recipient of a number of industry awards and has been recognized as top sellers by a number of suppliers.

Learn More about Geoff:

Ultimate All Inclusive Travel Inc

Ultimate Hawaii Vacations 866-394-2848 / 480-893-6584

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