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Courtnie Nichols

Courtnie Nichols is the founder & CEO of TRVLB, a luxury travel design studio delivering immersive, exclusive and bespoke experiences accessible to the affluent millennial. She also acts as an advisor and consultant to various travel brands looking to serve a more diverse group of modern cultural travelers through their tourism marketing efforts. 

After years as an ambitious fundraiser, her love for travel led her to take this passion full-time. Since her first solo flight at age 10, Courtnie has lived in Europe and explored all over the world. As a certified agent, event planner and natural connector; she uses her powers to create VIP experiences and advocate for a more inclusive travel environment for people of color. 

She currently lives, works and plays in Gainesville, Florida with her hubby, a college basketball coach. When she isn’t boarding a plane, speaking at various travel conferences, or soaking up some sun in the Caribbean, you can find her inspiring others to boldly take on the world from innovative road trips to luxurious five star destinations

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