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Ayasha Teague

A Florida transplant from NYC, Ayasha Teague, has been traveling the globe for 30+ years, with over 40 countries under her belt in the past five years. Her extensive background in healthcare management, insurance, fine linens, and art definitely bring a diversely detailed approach to the luxury travel market. As a single mother of two (now adult) children, she understands the value of creating priceless memories and the lessons learned only through the gift of traveling abroad. 

Blueprint Travel was established on January 1st, 2015 after returning from a 22-Day European trip Ayasha cultivated to celebrate her daughter's 18th birthday and high school graduation. They are an affiliate of both McCabe World Travel (a Virtuoso member) and Cruises & Tours Unlimited (a Travel Leaders member).

Blueprint Travel is a luxury travel consulting agency that offers concierge travel services individually or through membership. Exclusively for those who demand the absolute best, we provide unique and authentic, luxury travel experiences for leisure travelers, small groups, and destination weddings across the globe. Created by the passion and love of experiencing a destination in its most authentic and luxurious way, Blueprint Travel delivers a highly personalized vacation for those seeking something out of the ordinary. 

Learn More About Ayasha:

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