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Ateet Ahuja

CEO and Founder | Indian Destination Wedding, Complete Getaways and Planet DJ Productions

Ateet Ahuja is an award-winning travel agent on a mission to spread the message that “experiences matter.”

Prior to founding his businesses, Ateet spent 20 years successfully helping tech brands manage multi-million-dollar federal sales contracts and expanding their partnerships to grow their profits. But he saw a big problem. Too many people (especially those that he cared about deeply) were living to work with little room for much else. After seeing how much this affected their quality of life and their health, he decided to use entrepreneurship to change that. His goal? Offer services that provide experiences that enrich their lives.

Ateet began providing DJ and entertainment services for events where he quickly earned an excellent reputation in the DC area. But seeing how much impact even a short trip could have on a person made Ateet realize that travel can transform lives as well.

He earned a certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management, got industry training and found mentors to help him grow as an agent.

Since then, he has gone on to win the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards. His businesses have appeared in Travel Market Report, Pittsburgh Magazine, Wedding Chicks, Engaged!, and Maharani Weddings to name a few.

For Ateet, his work is ultimately about helping people live a fuller life, forge deeper connections with loved ones and make the most of their time. He is proud that through his travel services he can help clients see that life is about so much more than just spending your days working for a paycheck. Because after all, your experiences matter!

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