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Anthea Gilchrist

There are tourists. And then there are travelers. The latter are the ones who want to truly explore and get to know a country. My specialty? It is crafting custom-designed, seamless trips for travelers that are sophisticated and non-touristy.

And you can be assured that if you book with me, your trip will be meticulously planned out. I am known for my great attention to detail and for listening carefully to my clients so that I can create adventures that are unique to each individual.

 So what does that mean for you? It means that instead of booking you into a generic chain accommodation, I will find you that gem of a boutique hotel to stay in. It also means that I will recommend restaurants that show off the local cuisine or book you authentic experiences.

For example, if you will be heading to Australia -- a country I am intimately familiar with -- I will craft an itinerary that may include a trip to an Australian Rules football game or suggest the best places to try meat pies. That way, you can get to know the "real" Australia.

I am also an expert at traveling with children. As the mother of six children who have had passports since the day they were born, I understand the tricks of globetrotting with multiple children and will share them with you. Because as you know, when your children are happy on vacation, that means you can also be happy.

Learn More About Anthea:

Anthea Gilchrist Luxury Travel Advisor, Seamless Travel P +1 817-690-8023  E W

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